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Cat5e Video Extenders

Up to 900ft VGA Extender over CAT5/CAT5e, Great video over CAT5 solution, ideal for industrial and factory applications

Cat5e Video Extenders, Video Splitters & Extenders, Cat5 VGA Extender, Video Extenders and Splitters
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Cat5 VGA Extender

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Our CAT5 VGA Extender is a high quality device which allows VGA signals to be transmitted distances of up to 900ft.

The Extender system is made up of local transmitter and remote receiver units that are connected together by CAT5/5e twisted pair cable (not included, we recommend you use our bulk cable or UTP CAT5e Solid Core cable). The remote receiver unit connects to your distant monitor or projector, the local transmitter unit connects to the computer system's video port. In addition, the VGA signal is duplicated allowing a local monitor to be connected for convenient user operation.

Both VGA Extender units are housed in a sturdy metal casing making them ideal for use in factories and other industrial applications.

  • Extends VGA video over CAT5/5e cable
  • Our VGA Extender over Cat5/Cat5e consists of a transmitter and receiver unit
  • Very easy to install - simply connect the cables
  • Adjustable gain and equalisation to improve signal quality over longer distances
  • Power supplies included
  • Supplied with a 1.2m VGA cable for connecting your computer to the transmitter
  • Supports transmission distances of up to 900ft

Also available is our CAT5e/6 AV Extender Face Plate System – a modular range of extenders, including VGA, S-Video and audio types, which can be mounted flush to a wall or pattress box for a really tidy installation.

For the best results use our UTP CAT5e Solid Core Cables.

Additional Information

  • Video Bandwidth:250MHz
  • Transmitter and Receiver units both feature an RJ-45 female to connect to the CAT5/5e connection cable
  • Transmitter unit with VGA pass through port for local monitor
  • Robust metal housing for reliable EMC shielding
  • Dimensions:
  • Transmitter unit: 123 x 75 x 32mm (WxDxH)
  • Receiver unit: 100 x 35 x 26mm (WxDxH)
  • 2 power supplies included

Please note:CAT6 cables typically supports shorter distances, so we recommend you use UTP cable CAT5 or CAT5e (not included) to get the best results. You can make your own to the required length using our CAT5 bulk cables and network connectors.

The table below shows the typical resolutions and distances you can expect to achieve when using the various types of cable.




CAT 5/5e


2048 x 1536


1280 x 1024


1024 x 768


800 x 600


640 x 480



1920 x 1440


1280 x 1024


800 x 600

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