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USB Extension Cables

CAT5 USB Extender (Up to 150ft), Locates your USB device up to 150ft away from your computer

USB Extension Cables, Extenders, USB Extender, USB Cable Extenders
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Our CAT5 USB Extender can be used to extend the distance between a USB device and a host computer by up to 150ft. It consists of a local unit, which connects to the computer, and a remote unit which connects to the device. Standard, low cost CAT5/5e/6 cable (not included) is used to connect the two units together.

  • Extends a single USB port up to 150ft using low cost CAT5/5e/6 network cable (not included)
  • USB 1.1 compliant; supports speeds of up to 12Mbps
  • Powered by the USB bus, an optional power supply is available for use with high current USB devices
  • At lengths of up to 120ft, can be used in conjunction with a USB hub to extend multiple devices
  • Connectors:
    • Local unit: Type A USB Male & RJ-45 Female
    • Remote unit: Type A USB Female & RJ-45 Female
  • Compatible with all USB equipped computers including PCs and Macs

Premium CAT5 USB Extender and Extender with built-in 4 port USB 2.0 hub also available.

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