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About our Military Cable Assemblies, Military Harnesses and Navy Cables

Tactical Cable and Milspec / Military Connectors


We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of military cable assemblies, military harnesses, navy cables as well as tactical cable and MIL SPEC connectors. Our military cable assemblies are rugged, dependable, of high signal integrity, and they meet MIL-STD requirements for extreme environmental situations.  Applications range: military ground equipment, field communication links, inter-shelter communications, airborne systems, remote weapons control links, and marine systems.

mcablexMilitary Cable Assemblies - Components

     Military Harnesses and milspec connectors
     Highly flexible, tight buffered tactical cable
     Custom-made Multicore cables
     Military cable assemblies with EMI / EMP screening / shielding
     Highly abrasion resistant polyurethane outer jackets
     Water resistant, sunlight resistant cable protection
     Tactical cable and wire  ruggedised for military applications
     Military connectors and MIL-spec back shells
     NATO connector cables & navy cable
     Molded military cables and smart cables
     Zero-halogen military cable for navy applications
     Identification systems including computerized printing
     Integrate of military cable assemblies and  harnesses into enclosures
     Engineering services and prototypes
     Applicable manufacturing standards: ISO/ AQAP/ JAR standards

Our meticulous quality control system makes us ideal for providing military cable assemblies and military harnesses. Experienced and highly-trained personnel provide multiple in-process inspections and 100% final electrical inspections to all our military harnesses and cable assemblies. 

For more about our navy cable and rugged, harsh environment military cable assemblies, contact us today.

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