High Quality Video Extenders, Video / Monitor, Premium Gold VGA Cable, Cables, Video Monitor, Gold SVGA Cable Up To 150ft
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High Quality Video Extenders

Monitor Extension Cable with Gold Plated Connectors, 30ft (15HD Male/15HD Female), Superior quality, professional display cable

High Quality Video Extenders, Video / Monitor, Premium Gold VGA Cable, Cables, Video Monitor, Gold SVGA Cable Up To 150ft
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Premium Gold VGA Cable

See Category: Video / Monitor

Our S-VGA extenders have been designed for users who demand the best possible performance with maximum reliability. No compromises have been made in design or construction to ensure that these cables provide superb picture quality at the highest resolutions, even over very long distances.

Available in lengths from 6ft to 150ft and backed by a 25 year warranty, they're the perfect choice for home theater, presentation, CAD, DTP and AV installations.

  • Gold Plated VGA Extender HD15 Male/HD15 Female
  • Our VGA Extenders are designed for highest quality monitor applications, including CAD, DTP and Multimedia installations when preservation of display is a major consideration
  • Our VGA Extension Cables are triple shielded 'low loss' coaxial cables, with gold plated contacts and metal hoods assembled in accordance with 'EMC' compatible construction techniques
  • Incorporating secondary internal screening which provides a high degree of EMI shielding with clearer signal transmissions and minimum distortion
  • 25 year warranty

Note: some notebooks and other devices feature recessed VGA ports which can prevent correct connection of our Premium Gold SVGA cables. In such instances, we recommend you purchase our VGA Port Saver to allow the Premium Gold SVGA extender cables to be correctly connected.

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Premium Gold VGA Cable The following are related:high quality video extenders, video / monitor, premium gold vga cable, cables, video monitor, gold svga cable up to 150ft, monitor extension cable with gold plated connectors, 30ft (15hd male/15hd female), superior quality, professional display cable

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