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It is projected that over the next three years about 50% of corporate AV budgets will be spent on digital signage and videoconferencing goods and services.  The U.S. digital signage applications are  expected to grow to $13 billion by 2010. 

With digital signage, you can deliver your message and program this message to suit different audiences at different times and vary your message to each location. Relevant messages may be addressed to visitors according to the time and location. Furthermore, digital signage setups can be programmed to respond to different scenarios, such as safety warning. For instance, when a fire alarm sounds all screens could display information on how to reach the nearest exits.

Digital Billboard Applications -

    1. Public information - digital advertising can supply real-time public content
    2. Internal corporate communications - corporate digital billboards
    3. Advertising to customers – dynamic advertising, / retail signage
    4. Information to passers by – digital billboards direct them to desired destinations
    5. Brand building – in-store digital signage for product branding
    6. Entertainment – Special waiting room digital signage content
    7. Influencing customer movement – directing customer flow in retail stores
    8. Enhancing visitor experience – digital billboard content to reduce perceived wait time.
    9. Training - interactive digital billboard solutions are very effective training tools.

Total sales of digital signage equipment in the United States have been growing at a rate of 33% in 2009 in spite of the recession. The key to this unparalleled growth is the high return on investment digital signage and digital advertising provide, when compared with alternative advertising vehicles.  Maximizing digital signage ROI is achieved by optimizing screen placement to ensure that the largest number of people is exposed to the greatest amount of content.  Equally important to ROI is the media player positioning.  Media players are exposed to risks which affect the total cost of a digital advertising system.  Placing the players near the screen, in public, makes them difficult to service and exposes them to damage. Using extension technology to safely store the media players away from the public and the digital billboard display, protects the players as well as makes them easily serviced. 

This is where our cost effective, high quality HDMI extender comes in. Using a standard single SC duplex multimode fiber optic cable our HDMI extenders send Full HD HDMI 1.3 video signals up to 300m. In addition to the fiber HDMI extender and a wide variety of other extenders, splitters, etc., we offer a complete line of cables and adapters to provide the signage industry with quality solutions at an unbeatable price.  Email or call us today for any of the following:

     Fiber HDMI Extender, 300m – Our newest Product for digital signage ( Read More. )
     Infra Red Kits for HDMI Extenders
     DVI Dual Link Splitter Cables
     DVI Video Splitters,
     DVI Extenders - CAT5e and CAT 6
     Video to VGA Converter
     VGA Splitter Cables and Splitter VGA Boxes
     DVI Repeater / Extender
     DVI-D to VGA/RGB/Component Video Converter
     Component Video to DVI-I Converters
     Composite/Component Video AV Extenders - CAT5e/6
     CAT5e/6 8 Port VGA & Audio Transmitters and Receivers
     VGA Extenders running VGA and audio signals up to 1000 feet
     Wireless VGA adapters
     HDMI Splitters / HDMI Switches
     HDMI Extenders CAT 5e & CAT6
     DisplayPort to HDMI Video Adapter / Converters / Display Port

Contact us today for more cables. Let us be your partner in developing your high quality, cost effective digital signage applications.

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