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We are a computer cable manufacturer with over 23 years of experience in designing, prototyping, and manufacturing network and computer cables. Just for as many years, our knowledgeable cable design specialists are resolving cabling and connectivity issues for our customers, on a daily basis. Challenge us with your connectivity problem: Call us today at Receive help today! ... or Request a Quick Quote

Our line of computer cables and computer peripheral cable assemblies includes:

 Audio/Video Cables
 Peripheral to Computer Cables
 Computer Networking Cables
 CAT 5e, CAT 6, CAT 7 Cables
 Network Computer Cables
 Computer Monitor Cables
 Computer Audio Cables
 DVI Computer Cables
 USB Quickconnect Computer Cables
 Firewire Quickconnect Computer Cables
 CAT5e, CAT6, CAT7 Computer Cables
 RJ45 LED Computer Cables
 Networking Patch cords
 Networking Patch Cables
 Speaker Cables
 Power Computer Cables
 Specialty Internal Computer Cables
 Computer Video Cables
 MIDI Cables
 Computer Printer Cables
 Computer Cables / Adapters
 Cables Computer Extension
 Internal Ribbon Computer Cables
 Internal Round Ribbon Cables


 Internal Round Cables
 Computer Security Cables
 Copper Cables
 Fiber Network Cables
 MTP Fiber Cables
 Computer Hardware Cables
 KVM Computer Cables
 Home Theater Cables
 Multimedia Cables
 Null Modem / Crossover Cables
 Straight Through Cables
 Power Cables
 Cell & PDA Cables
 RF Cables
 RCA Cables
 RCA to BNC Cable
 VGA to RCA Cable
 S-video to RCA Cables
 Camcorder Cables
 Coax Cables
 Loopback Testers
 Custom Computer Cables
 Discount Computer Cables
 Bulk Computer Cable

We can manufacture to customer spec, with custom lengths and custom pin outs any of the following computer cables: Printer Cables, USB Computer Cables, Mini-Din Cables, PS/2 Cables, IDE Cables & ATA Computer Cables, Serial RS-232 Computer Cables, Ribbon Cables, DB9, DB15, DB25, HD15 computer cables, Centronics & IEEE 1284 Computer Cables as well as KVM - Keyboard, Video, and Monitor cables.

Our prices are very competitive prices, and we are very proud of our very short turnaround time.

Here is a list of some of the most requested custom computer cables:
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     RS232 Serial, USB, Parallel and Internal Ribbon computer cables:
     DB9 Male to Male, Computer Cables, w/shielded or unshielded RS232 computer cable
     DB9 Female to Female, Computer Cables, ww/shielded or unshielded RS232 computer cable
     DB15 Male to Male, Computer Cables, w/shielded or unshielded RS-232 computer cable, 28awg
     DB25 Male to Male, Computer Cables, w/shielded or unshielded RS-232 computer cable, 28awg
     USB A/B Computer Cables, 24/28 awg
     USB A/A Extension Cable, 24/28 awg
     USB to Internal Computer Cables
     Parallel Printer Cable IEEE-1284,  Bi-Directional, DB25M to C36M
     Parallel Printer Cable Standard Centronics DB25M to C36M, Computer Cables
     ATA 100/66 IDE Ribbon Cable
     DB9 Female to RJ45 Computer Cables
     Custom Computer cables, DB25M to DB9M, DB25 to DB25
     Video Cables, SVGA, SVHS, S-Video:
     SVGA(HD15), 13W3, VGA, SVGA to 5 BNC(RGB Video Computer cables
     Digital Flat Panel Cables(DFP) Models
     Digital Video Interface(DVI) Computer Cables
     DVI to DVI Analog Cable Assembly
     DVI to VGA Cable Assembly
     DVI to P&D Analog Cable Assembly
     DVI to DVI-I Single Link Cable Assembly
     DVI to DVI Single Link TMDS Cable Assemblies
     DVI to DVI Dual Link TMDS Cable Assemblies
     DVI to DVI-I Dual Link Cable Assembly
     DVI-A Male to DVI-I Female Cable Assemblies
     HPCN20 Male to DVI-I Female Cable Assemblies
     DVI-D single link Male to DVI-I Female Cable Assemblies
     DVI-D Dual link Male to DVI-I Female Cable Assemblies

Custom cable lengths and pin-outs for these types of cables and adapters can also be manufactured very quickly and at extremely competitive prices.

Adapters and Gender changers:                       Request a Quick Quote

We manufacture and market a wide variety of gender changers that are slimline in size; most are fully shielded. These adapters are built to insure consistent mating to all computer cables for reliable data exchange.

 USB to PS2 Male Cable Adapter
 RJ45F to DB9 Cable Adapter
 RJ45F to DB25 Cable Adapter
 DB9M to PS2 Cable Adapter
 PS2 Female to USB Cable Adapter
 DSub Gender Changers/Adapters
 DB25, DB15, DB9 Gender Changers/Adapters
 Centronics Gender Changers/Adapters


 Mini-Din Gender Changers/Adapters
 Mini DSub Gender Changers/Adapters
 Keyboard Adapters
 PS2/AT (F/M) Adapters
 PS2 Extensions (F/M)
 Cat 5, Cat5e, Cat6 Inline Couplers
 HPDB50 & HPDB68 Gender Changers
 SCSI Terminators, SCSI 2 and SCSI 3

Custom manufacturing note:                 Request a Quick Quote

If you are in the design stages of your cabling solution, we can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If your requirements are already specified and ready for quote, we are uniquely positioned to meet your deadlines as well as your price targets.

Computer Cable Standards Comparison

RS232 Serial Cables
RS-232 computer cables are simple, universal, well understood and supported. But they have some serious shortcomings. The standard RS232 serial computer cable goes only to a speed of 256kbps and a line lengths of 15M (50 ft). Today however, we see high speed ports on our home PC running very high speeds and with high quality cable maxim distance has increased greatly. The rule of thumb for the length a data cable depends on speed of the data and the quality of the bulk computer cable used.

SCSI computer cables vs. ATA Cables
To make a fair comparison between modern SCSI (SCSI-3 cables) and ATA (ATA/ATAPI-6 cables) you have to look at two different scenarios: Single device and multiple device interconnect cables.

Single device
There is practically no difference between the two interfaces, this holds for bandwidth as well as resource usage (CPU) as both interfaces use the most efficient way to transfer data, namely DMA.

Multi device
This scenario is common in high-end desktop computers and servers where you connect multiple devices to one or more interface adapters. This is where SCSI has major advantages compared to ATA in terms of Connectivity, Bandwidth, Efficiency, and Dependability.

USB 2.0 versus Firewire 1394 cables
USB interfaces and USB cables were a huge improvement from what came before, especially the slow and unreliable serial and parallel interfaces and cables on Windows PCs. USB 1.1 moves data back and forth as fast as 12 megabits per second (Mbps). USB 2.0 is 40 times faster than its predecessor and is capable of moving data at a blinding 480 Mbps.

Meanwhile, there is an entrenched competitor: IEEE 1394 standard and the related IEEE 1394 cables, backed by a group called the 1394 Trade Association, Sony and Compaq. With 1394, data moves as fast as 400 Mbps, only slightly slower than USB 2.0. But USB 2.0 has a huge marketing advantage: Support by microprocessors maker Intel and backward compatibility.

Digital Video Cables Vs. Analog Video
Digital video is simply a faster interface and cabling system, more scalable and easier to manage than analog. It can be integrated with existing CCTV network installations to offer instantaneous access to recorded or live video, easier storage, and higher quality images that won't degrade over time. Digital video systems can achieve one overriding objective; lower operating costs that result in an improved bottom line.

Cat6 Cables vs. Cat7 Network Cables
Cat 6 cables are same as Cat5e, except that they are made to a higher standard. The Cat6 standard is now officially part of the 568A standard. Cat6 Ethernet cables and patch cords are available as both off-the-shelf and as
custom made products.

Cat 7 computer and network cables are like the Cat6 patch cords and cables, except that are made to an even higher standard. The Cat7 standard is still in the works. Cat7 patch cords will use an entirely new connector (other than the familiar RJ-45 used for cat 5, cat 5e and cat 6 patch cords).

Fiber Optic Cabling vs. Copper Cabling
Many people know that optical fiber offers several benefits over the life of the network -- such as reduced maintenance costs, ease of upgrading and reduced downtime. Furthermore, special studies have looked at a disputed area, i.e. the first installed costs of a network using fiver vs. using copper. The conclusion: In many scenarios, an all-fiber network costs the same as UTP copper, or even less. Additionally, lower lifecycle costs are an important benefit of deploying fiber, but they are more difficult to quantify.

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