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Networking and Computer Adapters for all Interface Standards

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Our networking and computer adapters and cables cover the full spectrum of computer and network applications and standards. They are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our commitment to excellence is the reason why we have been a leader and supplier to companies large and small all over the world.
If the adapter for your required application is not specifically listed in the general categories below please contact us. We are confident we have the right solution for your interconnect application.

Internal Computer Power Adapters and Computer Power Cables
Gender Changers, Gender Benders & Port Savers: vga gender changer, gender changer ps2 (PS / 2), db25 gender changer, scsi gender changer, db15 gender changer
Mouse and Keyboard Adapters / Computer Keyboard Adapters: usb keyboard adapter, PS 2 (ps2) usb keyboard adapter (also called usb ps 2 adapter, ps 2 adapter, ps 2 usb keyboard adapter, keyboard ps 2 to at adapter, adapter mouse ps 2 usb, port usb ps 2 adapter, ps 2 to serial adapter
Null Modem Adapters
Computer Monitor Adapters / Computer Video Adapters: s video to rca adapter, pcmcia video adapter, usb video adapter, video capture adapter, component video adapter, vga video adapter, dvi video adapter
Multimedia Adapters
Audio Adapters: audio adapter cables, scart adapter, audio y adapter
Ethernet Network Adapters: RJ45 CAT5 UTP Cable with RJ12 Adapters, UTP Y Adaptor, UTP Port Doubler, 2 x Voice/Token Ring to 1 Port, Cat5 UTP Port Doubler, STP Y Adaptor, STP Port Doubler, 2 x Voice/Token Ring to 1 Port, Cat5 STP Port Doubler, 2 x 10Base-T to 1 Port, RJ45 Female to Female, UTP CAT5e (Line Coupler), RJ45 Female to Female, STP CAT5 (Line Coupler), BNC Terminator, BNC Coupler
Ethernet Network Adapter Cards: PCI Gigabit Ethernet Card, CardBus Fast Ethernet Adapter, PCMCIA Fast Ethernet Adapter, PCMCIA Ethernet UTP/BNC Adaptor, PCI Fast Ethernet Card, PCI Ethernet UTP/BNC Card, PCMCIA / CardBus Adapter Card
Parallel Adapters
Serial Adapters
Printer Adapters / Testers
USB Adapters
FireWire Adapters
SCSI Adapters & Terminators: SCSI PowerBook Adapters, SCSI Internal Adapters, SCSI External Adapters, SCSI Internal Terminator, SCSI External Terminator, Internal to External SCSI Adapters
Telephone & Fax/Modem Adapters
Modular Adapters
Slot Plate Adapters

Contact one of our expert tech support or sales representatives with any questions you may have.

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